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Protecting Your Legacy

Many families look past some of the basic necessities for a good financial plan. 85% of families say they need life insurance but only 44% have an individual policy as of 2010. Other policies are even less frequently purchased. Although not every client needs all types of insurance, it is important to evaluate the risks of not being insured and determine if one will self-insure or pass the risk onto an insurance carrier. Let Lighthouse Financial Group help you determine what types of insurance your family may need.

Life Insurance – Of the 44% of US families with an individual policy only a small percentage know if they have the right type of insurance or enough to cover their need.

Disability – Making sure you have the right combination of long-term and short-term disabilities is key when selecting the correct amount of insurance.

Long-Term Care – As the largest population enters their golden years they must learn if LTC is right for them. Many changes have been in effect for LTC policies and a policy review many be important.

Home/Auto – Even though we believe you need a specialist to handle these policies, we take reviewing these policies seriously. We frequently see clients whom are underinsured or not properly insured.

Business needs – There are many aspects of business insurance that an owner must evaluate such as key man policies, business continuation, business overhead, and fiduciary insurances.